Dental materials

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Dental materials

The basic range of dental materials which SAFINA, a.s. supplies includes dental alloys with precious-metal content, alloys for metal ceramics and amalgams, solders for soldering dental alloys. Products are distributed at our own range of sales outlets.

Noble metals dental alloys for conventional technique
Precious metals base dental casting alloys with a good workability and very good corrosion resistance. They are intended for high-stressed casted restorations, e.g. inlays, root inlays, crowns, bridges, suspension clips, etc.

  • Argenpal IVA
  • Aurix L
  • Aurix L60
  • Aurosa
  • Palargen

Dental base metal casting alloys

Dental alloys based on cobalt-chromium are intended for constructions of casted restorations, casted tiles, supporting and stability components, reinforcing casted inserts into resin bases, constructions with restorative parts, etc.

  • Oralium

Dental alloys for metal-ceramic systems
Dental alloy for metal-ceramic restorations. They are characterized by high strength and they are very stable under process of ceramic firing. These alloys are indicated for high-stressed restorations, e.g. crowns, small-scale and large-scale bridges.

  • Safibond
  • Safibond Bio
  • Oralium Ceramic

Amalgam fillings

Dental amalgam alloys doesn´t contain gamma-2 phase and they are Zinc free. They are supplied in a bulk form or in a predosed capsules with accurate amount of the alloy and dental mercury. Dental amalgam alloys meet requirements of ISO 24234 Standard and ISO 13897 Standard.

  • Safargam NG2
  • Safargam Plus
  • Safargam Dentis
  • Dental mercury

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